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Web page disclaimer

The web site is illegal and not recognised by DAS Certification Limited.

The official web page for Saudi Arabia is with appointed representatives Hassan Ashfaq
and Mohammed Shoaib Butt under the sponsorship of the Mansour Al-Mosaid Company.

Also note that does not represent DAS Certification in Saudi Arabia and the link to DAS Certification on their home page is illegal. Please contact  or the appointed representatives for information.

Our Aim

Our aim
  • To provide a competitive certification audit service, meeting UKAS regulatory requirements.
  • To provide a confidential, impartial and independent service.
  • To assure organisations management and products excellence.


DAS Certificates Validation

Please contact the local office who can make the information available on request.


Fraudulent Certificates!

There are a number of Companies who claim to have valid certificiations from DAS. This information is not correct.
To see the fraudulent certificates, please click here

What We Do

We conduct Management Systems Audits for:



Worldwide Offices

Our interactive map below (click the globe) gives you visibility of our global offices. Click on the pin-point on the map to visit each regional office's website or to see the contact details for each office. Alternatively, select each country's flag to go directly to their website.


Map Legend

Managing Agents are displayed in darker colours with their associated agents displayed as lighter shades of the Managing agent's colour

DAS Certification is an expanding worldwide certification body who are interested in talking to prospective new agents throughout the world. If you would like to be involved in our expansion plans please email us at or Tel: 0044 1933 381 859 we will be delighted to hear from you.

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